Thursday, July 10, 2008

For all my baby Mama friends and furture Brides-to-be

So it seems so many of my friends are having babies or getting married in the 2007-2008 season..haha. I shouldn't call it a season, but it feels like one sometimes. The last time this occurred was in 2002. Becky got married April 2002, then Carrie summer 2003, then Julie Summer 2004, and finally Jill Fall 2005.

Anywho.... So, 2 classmates from OT Grad school have had beautiful baby girls! Stacey Trahan Matt and her hubby Chris had baby Audrey who is now 8 weeks old and looks adorable:

The other classmate is Ana Talamantez. She and her hubby Henry. I thought I knew her name and I can't remember it or find it in an email. I need to call her, we haven't talked on the phone in a long time! Here is her angel!

I also have a some friends from my LSU days that are now becoming parents. Some of my closer friends are Carrie and Becky. Carrie and her husband Kris just had their baby girl on July 5th. They named her Cora. Check her out! ONly days old!

Now Becky is due August 26th, but like her I really think her baby may be a week or two before then. We don't believe her due date. She and her husband Mark want the sex of the baby to be a surprise so they are not finding out. But of course, because she and I are like biological genius like people ( OK, we're not but we like to pretend), we think its a girl, just a feeling. SO, no baby pics yet. But here is the last ultrasound and most recent baby bump shots! ( Don't kill me Becky, you know you LOVE me way to damn much!)

Some other LSU people with new babies are Jay Zarazura(I am SURE I just spelled his name wrong so don't kill me LSU people) and his wife with a new girl, and Ashley Lobdell and her hubby greeted their second baby girl Sophia..such a doll like her sister! Have a look! Oh and Meesh and Brian also had their first baby boy!

My 2nd cousin Casey also had her second baby girl 5 months ago. Ashlyn! She and her big sis are always smiling. Casey says she feels lucky to have had 2 good babies!

Now 2 of some REALLY old school friends (these girls I have went to school with 90% of my life!) also had babies. My future Matron of Honor, Jill Granger, had her final baby after 2 boys a little girl HOPE! She is a doll and a good baby...she would make you want more babies she is so sweet. My friend "Mawmaw" Julie had her second baby boy after her first baby boy became her angel. Her William is now a year old and Jill's lil girl will be a year old in September. Julie's baby is a mess and a total mama's boy. He loves dancing to music and giving his cat-brother Sebastian a hard time! Check out my "niece and nephew"!

One friend and sister from Alaska is expecting her baby soon as well ( Nan I"m stealing a picture to talk about you here!) Check out Nancianna's baby bump and her hubby Rob! I can't wait to see this baby either! Nan I used the airplane picture cause it makes me giggle.

Not only did my friends have babies, but 2 of Jared's friends also had kiddos! His friend Mando from USMC ( his wife is Kristen)had a baby boy who is now almost a year old, Salvador. Another friend from HS, Josh and his gf Bree had a baby boy Mason! Check out Mason. Followed by Sal (short for Salvador). for the BRIDES TO BE!

Not only I am getting married, but a few other people as well. Jared's brother David and his fiance Renee will be getting married April 18 2009 right after Jared and myself. But this year, Pam from Tigerband has got married. My dear dear sister Jenny Jones ( and in 2 days FAST!) wiil be getting married in Alaska. Last summer my sister Becca got married in Alaska. 2 other friends from Tigerband are getting married in August, Chris Dolese and Megan Stone. One of our Tigerband friends is getting married the SAME DAY as Jared and me in Florida, how cool is that? There were also 3 or 4 other girls from my LSU days that just got married or wll be married by December. Another classmate from OT school, Elisha, got married a few months ago in Louisiana. And just very recently my friend Micah Blouin form my high school days got married!

I know this seems like a silly blog. But all the people around me are celebrating such beautiful things with new lives with new babies, and new beginings with new marriages. If I left anyone out feel free to scold me...haha. I am so happy for all of these people! I feel so lucky to share in all the excitement as well as be a part of it!

JENNY AND ADAM get HITCHED 7-12-08..woohooo..soon to be Jenny Fast


future brother in Law David Broussard and Renee Latour(Broussard in April 2009)

Pam and Brian...I'm not going to try this last name...forgive me Pam.

Becca and Logan Merrel

Jaime and Amanda getting HITCHED SAME DAY as Jared and ME 1-3-09!

Megan and Chris getting married in August!

Congrats to Micah and Jennifer Blouin!


Nan said...

Most people go through a period all of their friends getting married and then a few years later everyone having babies. You definitely are in the middle of both "seasons" at the same time. Enjoy these joyful times!

Angie said...

wow...that was a lot! I didn't know Carrie was a mommy now!! congrats to her! and same to Micah getting!