Monday, June 23, 2008

Dirty Dozen Loans

Soo, not the past weekend, but the one before we went downtown to the canal walk area and watched the Dirty Dozen Brass Band from NOLA. Such a chill time. I should have posted sooner but haven't Jared has a USMC friend in town from Atlanta but up in D.C. doing lobbying for that stuff you have been seeing in the news for increased benefits for veterans and the GI Bill. I heard today on the news someone said they didn't want those benefits to outweigh signing back on with the military...umm mention poor cats all beat up ( way worse then J) and can't get back in service. They also said they tacked it on with a another bill or something having to do with funding for the war...not very positive in some aspects.

Sorry for that I just been thinking about it cause it's been on the news. Anyway below are some pictures from the concert.

This is were the night ended at about 1am at I-Hop. I was kinda hungry since dinner had been at 5pm. Besides, pancakes are goooood.

Ahh and the one below. SOmething only a damn trumpet player would do...hahahahaha.


We Are so DAMN Cute and HOT!

Some Artsy shots of canal area.

Well this one is of me dancing to secondline/When the Saints Go Marching you can see I am missing my umbrella. Jared thought I was being a retard...but I have no idea what he is thinking, I am COMPLETELY normal...hehe.

Hanging with some folks from VCU

Anyway, we had a nice time at the show. The first half was good, but kinda slow. But they def brought it up for the second half of the show. After the show we went with Max and another guy that was with him down to "The Bottom." Although we have lived here for almost 2 years I have never been down there doing the, lets call it' "the clubbing" hours. I was soo sticking out. I had dressed only for an outdoor concert! Needless to say everyone else looked like they had had thier hair, cloths and nails did..hehe. The boys were chasing the women and I had work the next day. Since it was kinda a last minute deal we split at 1230 and headed home, but you can see we ended at I-Hop.

Weekend job is going well. I just got done fighting with some school loan crap for Perkins Loans..been a pain in the rear and taken a year but its DONE. I have faxed more crap and lost my mind and attitude numerous times with this company LSU in BR Perkins Loan thing is heavenly and easy to deal with versus this one that my grad school went through. I did it and it's done all that matters right, in the end?

I got my Palm Centro as from the last post. I love it. Gives me something to do when I need to burn 10-15 mins at the weekend job to get the full time for the people I treated. It is also nice for out of town trips, like a mini computer with me and I don't have to take my lap-top. Never thought I would be a smart phone person, but the Palm is easy to use. Jared likes it cause he can watched missed episodes of House! I told him to get his own centro!

Well I think thats all I have for now. Buddy is staring at me with big brown sad eyes to go potty, so off I go with my four legged baby!

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