Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Cutting edge

So the LSU Tiger baseball team is going to OMAHA! Congrats to the Tigers and thanks for the knife cutting intense last games in Alex Box ( I had to watch on TV, but none the less as exciting). I talked to Julie today and she told me the sad story about a fan and his son sitting outside after the game and the gentle sad. The whole team went to his funeral and got the son and wife tickets to Omaha. I mean the poor guy became the epitome of what we all say that one day the Tigers will gives us a heart attack!

In other news, I finally made Jared watch " My Big Fat Greek Wedding." I own the movie but it came on TBS or something like that the other night. I had a total female-girly, I"m about to get married moment. I really haven't had this the whole engagement. But at one part in the movie it hit me " I"M GETTING MARRIED TOO"...I think it was when the crazy grandma was sharing her wedding stuff with her the night before the wedding. ANyway, I almost lost it! But within 15 mins I was laughing at Jared because he had to watch the girl cry at the wedding part when the parents present them with the gift.

I got my wedding cake knives in today..woohoo. I originally was going to try and find someone in Jared's family that may still have theirs and have some cool family tradition, but the plan failed. But, Mr. Ebay helped out and I found some!

Jared also has picked his best man. It will be Josh Stutes, a childhood friend of his from the Cro.

It has been terrible hot here the past HOTTER than LOUISIANA. Do you know how crazy that is, I mean really.

I have been working my weekend job almost every weekend. I have only been doing 4-5 hours each have to have SOME weekend. You know the saying " All Work No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy"'s true...I know trust me!

Also.....Jared has some news....hold on he will tell himself


I am not going back into the Marine Corps. The doctors said that my lungs are still way messed up. So I am able to finish up my degree this year and will move to Austin, TX to attend UT Austin to pursue my masters and doctoral degrees. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease

Don't ya love the straight to the point...he hates when I make him type..haha.

Other then that not much is going on. Dirty Dozen Brass Band ( NOLA band) is playing here tomorrow and I plan on going watch the show.


Brittany said...

Love the cake cutting set, very appropriate!

Angie said...

The cake knife set is UBER cute!!! I have a friend getting married in Aug. her bridesmaids dresses recently came in and she had her "OMG I'm getting married", I guess it hits at random times huh...Jared: what's up with your lungs? Sorry to hear you can't re-enlist(unless you and Danya didn't want you too in the first place, then cool!) ATX is going to be awesome, it's a great place to live and I'm partial to UT anyway 'Hook em!'..that was actually my 1st college choice but the scholly wasn't enough to cover all my expenses...

Danya, please don't over extend yourself working so much, your doggie needs you! :-)