Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, I finally got my "stimulating" check from Uncle Sam today! That means I can go order the wedding dress very soon and knock out some debt! WOO!

I had a nice visit in Baton Rouge last weekend. It was good chilling at the Chimes and visiting with Angie and Dup. I had a total blonde moment when I got there. I couldn't figure out why the hell Chimes was so busy on a Thurs night at almost 9pm...I FORGOT I was in town for GRADUATION! Such a fool I am.

Angie sorry I didn't call Friday, but I played old tired lady after I left the grad party!
I was so rushed this trip as usual, I saw many people and didn't see many people, and I felt non-stop the whole time. But it was ok. I had a good visit.

Kyle graduated and had himself a good time. He got a little drunk which was funny. He kinda dances with a mixture of my uncle and my aunt! He of course racked up on the prizes too.

Below is 2 cute pictures I took of Kyle..they sum up his night..haha.

Saturday I had Becky's surprise baby shower at her parent's house. She was surprised, but she was totally rushing me out the house to go to there! So we got there and only our friend Sondra was there for the initial surprise! But she was surprised and had a great time. I think she was more shocked that everyone kept the secret from her. She was shocked. I told her I had all kinds of skills!

Here are 2 of my fav shots from her baby shower!

Pregnant women can be so pretty and glowing!

The people who "surprised" her!

I came home to a beautiful day in Richmond. So we went walk on the river walk down in the bottom and had lunch. In Richmond we have our own plant for extracts and seasonings, the tobacco king, and of course history. We also have WRAP!haha

Closing with more MONEY news. I go Thursday to complete my PRN orientation and start this weekend making the extra money! Not that I am going to be super duper rich, but I can take care of some things!

Oh yeah, Buddy had his annual vet visit today. He was cool with the female vet tach Jared said, but he snarled like crazy for the vet (male of course....what can I say, he is a LADIES MAN). Jared said he cried at his second and third shot, and let a loud stink fart out when it was all over cause he was nervous..poor baby. Jared did say he was good with the other dogs in the vet including the big boys. When I take him he acts a fool, because he wants to protect me. Told Jared I am going to just start sending him to do vet duty! Buddy has been pooped all day from his shots and vet visit..he looks pitiful. It's so cute...haha..and of course I took pitiful pictures of him to share later!

Have a nice night everyone!

PS we will be registering soon with Bed Bath and Beyond!

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Angie said...

Hey no need to apologize, I know what it's like to be in town for a few days and be running around like a chicken w/my head cut off and SUPER tired!! Chimes was fun! Can't wait to see you next visit..I may have to come up your way this summer just to get away..i'll keeep you posted on that.

Poor Buddy!! Rocky goes for his annual in a few months and he's usually pretty pitiful as well, lookin all sad at me like, don't you see them bout to stick me..save me! ha ha