Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Callin' Baton Rouge

I'll be in Baton Rouge Thursday night! Kyle is graduating from High School Friday night. I can't believe it! I mean I can, but it seems time just flies by sometimes these days. "The baby" Cole will START high school next year...amazing.

Anyway, I will also hopefully get to visit a few friends too. So anybody wanna hang give me a ring! I may have to try and get some crawfish while I am down too, and a damn snowball or snow cone as some of you call it!

Not much really going on here in VA. I am FINALLY nearly finished with my orientation for my weekend job, so after this trip to LA I can get my work on and save some MONEY. Uncle Sam is sending that stimulate-the-economy check soon too so I am going order my dress!

We had a movie night again the other night. I will take time only to talk about one movie. Ladies watch P.S. I LOVE YOU! We watched it together and both cried! It is such a sweet and heart touching movie. It makes you want to take your significant other and love them to pieces. One scene I will give away...that made me cry first : She goes home after the funeral/memorial, lays in bed and calls her dead husband's phone multiple times just to hear his voice...I LOST IT!
I told Jared I did that a couple times after my Mawmaw Mary died. Anyway, whole movie is great and will pull your heart strings. And YES Jared cry too, he even agreed it was a good flick!

Oh we also went to a theater movie for a change and saw Ashton Kutcher's new flick! We saw check it out. Very funny and cool date movie!

Ok peeps that's all for now. I will see everyone in BR soon! I wish I could go to NO on this visit, haven't been in forever!

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Angie said...

Can't wait to see you!!!