Wednesday, May 21, 2008

4 Dresses and one of the way

I have been a bridesmaid (and Matron of Honor) 4 times! And FINALLY I got to order a a BRIDE'S dress today! WOOHOO

I will only tell you it is from Mary's Bridal and in this collection.

Work was retarded today. I won't go into details, cause no matter where you work you have days. Just don't understand how people can be so dumb sometimes or lack common sense about things. And perhaps the biggest downfall in many places COMMUNICATION...that is all.

So Uncle Sam I have stimulated the lower the gas prices will you, like tomorrow. HA

Happy Hump Day!


Nan said...

You really are leaving the dress a mystery. There are at least 20 in that collection! Whatever you choose you will look fabulous next year. Choosing your dress is such an exciting time and such a difficult decision!

The Broussard Family said...

haha I know

only the maids/matrons, my coworkers cause they won't be able to all make the wedding and few close family members know the dress!

I like surprises!

PS when is your due date?