Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday's gone with wind...

Well not just yet, we have a few more hours left!

Jared's recital went well. He was very pleased with his performance. Rex told him it was one of the best senior recitals he has seen done at VCU. Below is what he performed that evening:

1. Sonata St. Marc, Op.6 No.11 T. Albinoni (1681-1751)

2. Cinq Melodies Serge Prokofieff (1891-1953)
I. Adante
II. Lento, ma non troppo
III. Animato, ma non allegro
IV. Andantino, un poco scherzando
V. Andante non troppo

3. Nightsongs Richard Peaslee (b.1930)

4. Vignettes James M. Stephenson, III (B.1969)

I taped the whole concert but Mr Broussard said that only 3 and 4 for suitable for hi s standards to be put on youtube. SO as soon as I divide each 9-10min song into 3 min pieces I will load onto youtube. He was also supposed to play Paths by Toru Takemitsu but was left out due to time.

Jared was very pleased with his performance and was excited he got to share it with everyone...including 2 of his USMC friends Wang and Hunter ( sorry, but I am used of referring to these fellas as last name only..its how I know them haha).

Thats the guys enjoying some brews at the Capital Ale house! I had a girly key lime martini..haha.

Jared also apologized for freaking out earlier in the morning that day due to his stress levels..heh.

We also watched some movies again this weekend. No Reservations made Jared tear up 3 or so times cause the little girl kept getting sad...he is such a titty baby when girls cry, it's kinda cute. We also watched In the Valley of Elah which has some messaged about the current world and war in in but good flick, and we watched Sweeny Todd with nice music with Tim Burton's darkness!

So far for the coming weekend. we may or I maygo ice skating with one of the girls that goes to school with Jared...ROXANNE! She is so cute! It was her birthday this week so they are going Friday for some fun. Saturday I will be doing the Relay for Life through VCU, I just found out it was going on and my soro Alpha Sigma Alpha has a team so I hope to do it with them. I have had many family members pass and currently survive cancer ( my grandfather currently!). My dad and uncle did the one in LA with my pawpaw. I am glad I can help the cause too! I am hoping to do the Race for the Cure for breast cancer in May and my work is doing a walk little later this month ASK is for children with cancer. I love doing these things in the spring! They are for wonderful causes and you cna get out in EXERCISE in the nice weather!

I have been going to the gym at least 3 days a week now for 2 weeks! I am proud of myself! I wore the outfit I wore when I grad from grad school to Jared's recital and the jacket part of it hadn't fit me in awhile and now it feels better then it did when I first got it!

Ok I need to get off here and be productive! I am loving this new blog speciall since my friends are doing it too...I'm so cool...haha.

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Nan said...

Jared is incredibly talented and I'm glad you could share the music from his performance on your blog. I enjoyed listening this morning while I checked my email. I would love to hear a live concert!