Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sweetest words....

I love my job for some different reasons each day. One is to see love between families, and most of all couples. They break my heart. I have many clients that have been married 50 plus years, and very often ( you would be surprised how often) I have a client in his/her 90+ years of age and has been with thier spouse for 60 plus years. It's sometimes hard to grasp.

Today I had a such gentleman as listed above, and we were talking about me getting married. And with the most heartfelt voice and sincerity he said " I hope you have a marriage as long as mine and filled with love." It was the sweetest thing. I thanked him for the comment, but it was so much more touching to see someone so in love and thankful for having such a wonderful marriage for many years.

But whats even more refreshing is the widow or widower. They miss thier spouses, but they are so at ease to have known and to have such wonderful loving relationships. They get so excited to see younger people, as though it helps the remember how fun it once was.

I just wonder what the elderly population will be like in 30 years. What I see at work everyday will almost be a rarity. Marriages don't seem to last like that used to, and people seem to marry for all the wrong reasons. And in a world where people are so self absorbed, some people seem incapable of putting aside themselves to work with each other.

I hope I am as blessed to have as many years as my clients have had in marriage in my own marriage.

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Jennifer said...

This made me cry a little bit. I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about/working on my MARRIAGE rather than my wedding -- and these are exactly the types of things I think about! It makes me feel great that there are other "real" brides out there who think about things other than their wedding napkin colors. :) Miss you! Can't wait to be a WIFE!!!