Sunday, April 20, 2008

Papa was a ROLLING STONE, where ever he laid his HAT was HOME

Soo it has been a busy week and weekend! Work was a little crazy with the STATE coming in to evaluate us! I think therapy did well though, I think our nursing and food people make get some hits. I also thought of a very cute group to do with our ladies on Friday! Since it is Spring I went to Wal-Mart and got one dollar little plants and clay pots. Me and the other OT also brought some paints from home. They LOVED IT! It was so cool to see some of the creativity some of them have. One of my ladies gardens at home a good bit...she was so cute..she did 2!

Also this week Jared has his final performance with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble(SWE). To make it more special his Uncle Major Scott Guidry,USAF was a guest conductor and Jared got to play under him for a second time, but how much cooler now that Jared is a service man himself now and finishing up his undergrad career! Below is the link to all the pictures and a picture of Jared and his uncle. Jared also conducted a piece called October by Eric Whitacre. Below the link and photo will be video.


Saturday morning I went and participated in the Relay for Life. It was pretty low key, but it was early, so I am not sure if it got better later in the day. Next weekend I will be doing the ASK walk with my co-workers.

THEN....Jared got an offer to do a Temptation show with a few of his classmates at The National Theatre! The National has a wonderful history and a beautiful story of being saved from demolition! It was slated to be demolished in the mid 80s and was saved/restored over the past 15 years or so by the Historic society here in Richmond and just opened in January!

Anyway, I got to the National early only to find out there was this VIP party taking place. The lady told me I would have to wait until 8pm to come into the place. I said ok that was fine and I added my fiance was playing with the band...she let me in..he he. I guess that makes me a groupie! So, I walk in and everyone is in evening gowns and tuxes...oops I was a little under dressed. I didn't really care. They very rich and drunk were too busy worried about what they looked like and who they were talking to notice me. I had some good Cuban appetizers from Kuba Kuba. I then managed to find Jared in the green room with everyone else and visited there for a little bit. They had pizza and beer. I told them they should have just went downstairs and got the good stuff, but they seemed content.

I went back downstairs and enjoyed more lil things..especially this little dessert with cream cheese and honey preserve...yummy! I had a glass of wine and then the show started! It was such a great show! Full or energy and entertaining! I loved the venue. You do have to stand, but you get to be so close at the floor level! SO fun! Majority of the rich folk sat up in the balcony in their reserve seats, BUT the ones on the floor were just as intoxicated! One guy and his wife had on sunglasses, and he kept saying in a very white Carlton like voice " Oh Yeah, WE like HIM! Oh, look AT you..LOOK AT YOU" was kinda funny and a pain in the rear. I also had 3 very intoxicated ladies next to me. One was about my age and she was the worse..even Jared and the boys noticed her from the stage.

I really enjoyed watching them and would recommend for any of you to go if you like Temptation music! Oh yeah, and I shook most of their hands after the show! I saw them backstage, 2 guys anyway, before and after the show, but I didn't do any annoying fan thing and ask for pictures..I good enough ones from the stage! I guess this is one of the cool things you get to do when you date/marry a musician! Below are a few pictures and the rest of the pictures are on facebook album link.

I had a hard time getting a picture of Jared and a Temptation in the picture. You will notice this in the album. I swear the boy is always hidden behind a stand or something else in concert. I need to start making him wear high heal shoes! Just kidding!

OK and to close. I went try on another dress at David's Bridal. I hated it. I am going for the more expensive dress. I feel like such a hypocrite cause I always said I would never pay 800 bucks for a dress, and I guess that's what's going to happen. Just for the look and fit I want David's Bridal has no dress right now. I have to call this week for prices for the dress.

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Angie said...

How cool is that!!! and Danya, how did you not get the memo on what to wear..tsk tsk..when you're married (or soon to be married) into the full time musician life, there's no way you can be a're there by default to support your hubby, not necessarily see the artist..seeing them is just lagnaippe right!