Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Monday

Today started out pretty bum. I found out 2 of my clients had passed over the weekend. One I wasn't too surprised, but the other I was very surprised. Life is such an unexpected journey.

Jared is at school late for a recital he is playing on.

I went today to start the process for the PRN. I had to take the very fun urine test. I wasn't expecting to do it today, needless to say I was downing a liter water so I could do the thing...eeew. Hopefully by this weekend,all my stuff will be in order and I can start making the money.

Jared and I went eat at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro this weekend. I got an ultimate drink for us to share again, but whoever was working the bar didn't make it 1/3 as good as the last one we had a few weekends ago. We had an interesting couple sitting next to us at dinner. The man was a complete ass. We felt sorry for his wife. He kept doing things to embarrass her and ask really odd questions from the staff like he was trying to cause trouble. He was completely inappropriate.

We also watched some movies this weekend. Dan in Reallie was cute, it had reminded me of another movie I saw awhile back, but I still enjoyed it. Jared said it reconfirmed to him why he doesn't wan to have daughters...he doesn't want them to cry and break his lil heart...haha. I also watched a sad one Without Her where the guys's wife has alzhiemers...nice chick flick..makes you wanna cry in multiple spots. We watched another, but I can't think of it now...that's sad, guess I didn't enjoy it that much huh.

I will be video taping Jared's recital Saturday. If he thinks ot goes well enough I"ll post on youtube and share the link here some of it or what he thinks is good.

Not much else happening. Hope you all have a nice week!

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