Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's the weekend

Hope yall enjoyed Jared's first post. He asked me if he had to do it..haha. I just told him to type about his recital, I was hoping he would list the songs, but he didn't. I will put them up after the concert tonight.

I have a question : Why do men act some overdramatic about some things that call for it not to be?

This morning Jared was trying to get the glue from the sticker on some new shoes that he bought. So I told him to try and use a lil dab of polish remover to see if it took it off. Well it changed the color of the glue and he flipped thinking it was tarnishing his shoe! So I took it from him and wiped it off quickly. I took a big dab of soap and put the facet on the hottest possible water, and put the lil spot under the shoe under the water for about 2 seconds...removed it to see if it worked. It had and I began to wipe the access water. I went to finish the job and he FREAKED. Don't do that.Dude, not like I was soaking it in water! He made me so mad! I told him he was being ridiculous and he could do it himself. He responded he hadn't asked for my help.FINE! So I went back to cleaning house.

I mean really men, you do get absolutely retarded about some things...lighten up.

The weather here this weekend its wonderful! I have my house open to the deck. The only downfall is the 2 inches of pollen floating around..yay for sneezing.

ok off I go to finish up cleaning and then to get dressed for the big SENIOR RECITAL! Later, enjoy the Saturday...I know I will before the rain comes!

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LSU Angie said...

I had a great weekend!!! to comment on your first sentence. I spent it in TX with my family, really just relaxing and my mom even did my laundry!! GEAUX ME!! as for Jared freaking out..ha ha I guess it's just from the stress of his recital or maybe he's just "weird" like every other guy and freaks out at the oddest moments. They're not like us Danya, we know what battles to pick and we freak out accordingly..ha ha

@Jared, great first blog!!! I hope your recital went well and I'd be interested to know what songs you chose. Sounds like your recital has a lot of different musical elements instead of the traditional solo artist aspect.

Danya, now you have my blogspot url :-)